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Elani Lochner


082 659 1518


Elani is passionate, determined and self-motivated. A perfectionist when it comes to work, but she also has a great love and admiration for the creative side of life. She holds a BA degree in Law and Psychology, and is currently part-time completing her Honours Degree in Psychology. Her career kick-started with 4 years facilitator experience in the heart of the country’s communities! Elani has strong principles, and believes that without them, you have no recipe for success – trust, honesty, respect, discipline, and passion goes a long way! If you love what you do, you will do what you love…and then it doesn’t feel like work, you are living your dream and accomplishing your goals!

Tony Hendricks


079 467 3680


Tony is a qualified Media and Web fanatic with a combined international experience of over 15 years. He believes that success equals extraordinary vision and creativity that is integrated with consistent hard work. He’s worked for some of the largest media companies in Europe, managing teams on different levels and excelling in an extremely high-pressure environment. His mission is to create and develop the StormTank platform in such a way that it enables our clients, big and small, to grow their businesses exponentially. Never stop learning, growing, adapting!

Yaseen Karodia

Web/Graphic Designer


Yaseen is a qualified graphic and web designer who has a keen interest in everything to do with graphic design, web design and typography. He is passionate about the work he does. Each project he works on is an opportunity to do some amazing work. He believes in providing value to all clients through creative and technical design process. He strives to develop a close working relationship with every client so he may meet their needs in a professional manner, as well as understand his clients business so he can assure their goals and objectives are achieved. His mission is to continue to grow and develop as a graphic and web designer to help create a world of wonderful design.

Zayne Beautement

Web/Graphic Designer


Zayne currently has 3+ years of Hosting Knowledge under his belt which he uses together with his “eye for detail” website development skills to build fast, responsive websites for all walks of clients. He believes that good websites go hand in hand with strong reliable hosting platforms. He wants StormTank to become the go to place for exceptional adaptive websites that makes clients ideas come to life. Websites are built when hard work and imagination come into play from the get go which brings a new age of design and innovation to the Technology industry.





    Elani – 082 659 1518

    Tony – 079 467 3680

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