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Working with Storm Tank was and still is a pleasure. The owners and management are young and aggressive and full of energy and excitement. They made our business theirs and we are proud of them. Valuable input from them made my website an awesome site.
Madelein, Director of Marechelle Country Estate

Not just business partners, but new friends too! The kind that have your best interest at heart and who will go the extra mile to get what you need or want to make your own venture move forward. We are very fortunate to have friends like this, who happen to be very good at what they do!
Lisa Dixon, Owner of Ruach Pinto Sport Horses

Can I do SEO myself?

Of course you can, but these are the costs you would need to consider:


Links Checker Tool
Expired Domains Tool
Keyword Rank Checker
Social Tool
Press Release Submitting Software
TOTAL: R 2080 p/m


Good expired domain (need at least 3)
(Average is +- R1200 per domain)
Domain registration
TOTAL: R 3300 p/m


Keyword Research
On-page Suggestions
Supporting Links, Web2.0 sites, Bookmarks
Domain Finding
Social Submissions
Press Release Content
TOTAL: R 4500 p/m (if outsourced)


You need to follow SEO experts around the world
You need to take courses
Buy Books
You will need software
TOTAL: R 5000+ p/m


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